2 years 50 pounds and back at the beginning….Again

Good lord here I am again… and this time in even worse shape the I was the last time I made a starting over post. But as per usual I am once again trying, it too a long time for me to get to this point but I’ve finally arrived. The last 2 years have been HARD.. To say the least. And my body reflects this. I am now seriously over weight and actually did cross over into the obese category. Which is so disappointing but I did this to myself so I have the chore of now undoing it. As for where I am at… well tomorrow will be day 7 of level 1 meta glute…..looking forward to level 2 because I never seem to get out of level 1. However I am committed, I have over time learned to not make so many RULES and will take it one day at a time and go with the flow. I do plan to do the 6 days a week both MS and DC however I will forgive and move on when life happens and not allow my own weird mental hangups and past OCD behaviours derail me. I have had success in the past so I know this program works if your willing to put forth the effort, and I look forward to achieving that success again in the future.


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