Let’s Talk About Levels

I think now might be a good time to have a little chat about levels.  There are 9 levels in the Metamorphosis program. As well as 4 different centrics, Abcentric, Glutecentric, Hipcentric, and Omnicentric.  As you may know from my previous post I own both Glutecentric and Omnicentric.

All centrics share levels 1 and 9. Also every level in every centric share the arm and ab portion of the workout.  The only difference is the leg portion, and depending on which centric you have will depend on what levels are shared.  Omni and Hip share all the odd levels, and as far as I know the Glute and Ab share odd levels as well.

The workout is set up the same for each workout.  You will spend around 5 minutes doing arms, then move onto about 5 minutes of ab work, you will then spend the remaining 20 minutes doing endless reps of different types of leg lifts, spending about 10 minutes pre leg, however this will feel like eternity while your in the mists of the work 😉.

Be warned these workouts are addicting, once you start it’s super easy to drink the Tracy Anderson Koolaid


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