Commitment Day

So today I decided to fully commit myself to a full year of Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis. I have had many, many false starts with the program over the last 2-3 years.  I always start and then try to mix it with other programs, trying to find a replacement for the meta Cardio,  well time to suck it up and commit for real.  This blog will be starting right from the beginning as I am only on day 7 of level 1.  I am doing the glutecentric program.  My plan will be as follows:

5 workout days in a row followed by 1 rest day. That way I am only doing one level at a time in the course of a week, doing different levels in a week kinda triggers an OCD annoyance with me lol

Meta Cardio will be done at least 3 of the 5 days, if I don’t do the meta Cardio then I will take a walk that day however I will not be doing any other type of replacement Cardio.  No Jillian Michaels, no hip hop abs, no power 90, none of those that I have in the past tried to pass off as a replacement for the dance Cardio.

Also I have recently discovered life happens and I really need to accept that sometimes things come up that prevent me from staying on a perfect schedule.  I will not allow this to discourage me or mentally mess me up. It’s just a schedule  and it needs to have a level of flexibility to allow for living.

I will at some point be posting pictures and measurements  to show results at different stages of the program. Maybe after each 3 levels would be a good time for this. Anyways that is that for now and I will keep this blog as a ongoing review of the program. I will post a review on each level also before moving onto the next.


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