The Last Time I Ever Do Level 1

Ok so today I got to say good bye to level 1 Meta FOREVER!!! I am never going to repeat this level, or any others for that matter, again. This makes this my 5th go around with this level….. Good lord I really do have an issue with commitment. Anyways I have in the past completed Meta Omni, I then fell off the wagon and have since done Omni, and almost completed Glute twice.  I have the entire Year 1 continuity however I have only ever done the first workout in it ONCE!!  I have this addiction to buying fitness DVDs and then I have so many that I cant settle on just one.  However those days are over, I plan to pack up my entire library except for Tracy Anderson DVDs, I figure out of sight out of mind. The next DVD I buy will be Year 2!!!

All right onto how things went this level.. I had a rough start, half way through my husband came home for the week ( He works 2 weeks gone, 1 week home) and then I kinda flaked on the workouts while he was home.  But I did get back at it and do the 10 workouts for the level.  I don’t plan to do that again, regardless if he’s home or not the workouts will get done.  Time to stop using him as an excuse to be lazy!  As for the Cardio I did 6 Meta Dance Cardio, 1 Dance Cardio for Beginners, walked 1 day, and skipped 2 days one because I worked that day and one because it was at the beginning and I was so sore I thought I was going to die LOL.  As for the Dance Cardio I have only been doing about 20 minutes, I notice around 17 minutes I am pretty well done and just kinda doing my own thing, I force myself to keep moving for 20 minutes.  However today I was good for a full 23 minutes, so I am excited about that improvement. Cant wait for the day when the 30 minutes is nothing for me.

As for results this level…… Usually I have in the past always lost 5 pounds in level 1 however I was awful this time.  My diet is out of control and has been for the last 9ish months.  I have bad binge eating disorder and this is the longest I have gone without being able to get myself in control. However that doesn’t stop me from trying EVERY day. I have gained about 20 pounds during this time and that has put my BMI right close on the boarder of OBESE!! Which scares the hell out of me and I am working on finding my balance and gaining some peace within myself. This may sound silly but I just started a hypnotherapy program last night, I mean it cant hurt to try right?! Ill update on that in a couple weeks or so.

ok well I think that’s all for now.. I did take pictures but I will wait until there is a visable difference to post any progress pictures. Well until next time 🙂



Commitment Day

So today I decided to fully commit myself to a full year of Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis. I have had many, many false starts with the program over the last 2-3 years.  I always start and then try to mix it with other programs, trying to find a replacement for the meta Cardio,  well time to suck it up and commit for real.  This blog will be starting right from the beginning as I am only on day 7 of level 1.  I am doing the glutecentric program.  My plan will be as follows:

5 workout days in a row followed by 1 rest day. That way I am only doing one level at a time in the course of a week, doing different levels in a week kinda triggers an OCD annoyance with me lol

Meta Cardio will be done at least 3 of the 5 days, if I don’t do the meta Cardio then I will take a walk that day however I will not be doing any other type of replacement Cardio.  No Jillian Michaels, no hip hop abs, no power 90, none of those that I have in the past tried to pass off as a replacement for the dance Cardio.

Also I have recently discovered life happens and I really need to accept that sometimes things come up that prevent me from staying on a perfect schedule.  I will not allow this to discourage me or mentally mess me up. It’s just a schedule  and it needs to have a level of flexibility to allow for living.

I will at some point be posting pictures and measurements  to show results at different stages of the program. Maybe after each 3 levels would be a good time for this. Anyways that is that for now and I will keep this blog as a ongoing review of the program. I will post a review on each level also before moving onto the next.